Welcome to the Cake Root

The Cake Root company, established in 2008 by sisters Jane Slater and  Fiona Woodcock, produces cakes based on root vegetable ingredients, sourced predominantly from the Northumberland region. Since it's launch it has attracted considerable interest from retailers in North East England.

It's products are now sold in a variety of outlets throughout the North East such as cafes and local delicatessens, county shows, farmers markets and food festivals.

Now let us tell you a bit about ourselves…

Jane (being a glutten for punishment) has recently taken over the running of the business.  In her farm house kitchen she creates the magical taste explosions of the Chocolate and Beetroot and Sweetpotato with Almond and Orange cake, the gorgeous Parsnip with Lime and Ginger and Carrot with Orange and Walnut cakes and a new addition to the family Crunchy Courgette Pistachio and Lemon cake . Being a female Jane is spectacularly multi-talented and is able to balance the demands of the kitchen with  working part time as an Occupational Therapist. 

Fiona A.K.A. cinderella  is spending most of her time baking in her farmhouse kitchen inventing new flavours for our cakes she is also kept busy with running her holiday cottage business and training  her horses.

The newest recruit to the team is Jane's daughter Amy who has come on board to help with the marketing of The Cake Root. Amy accepted the challenge as she was led to believe she would be provided with copious amounts of cake however having tried to squeeze herself into her summer clothes she now realises quite so many cakes may not have been a good idea!! 


The Cake Root
The Old Saw Mill, Middleton, Belford, NE70 7LE, tel 01668 213634, mobile 07790 359016